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The name of Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng is unknown to everyone in the leather care industry. After 36 years of operation, he has been based in the financial center of Central China. His hand repaired more than 500,000 pieces of leather goods. His professionalism and strength are unquestionable. Being able to become a leader in an industry and become an icon is easy to talk about? With rich experience, exquisite craftsmanship and good reputation, Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng not only establishes a personal success path, but also leads the industry into a new generation, which makes people re-recognize the importance of leather care and achieves "love the leather, always new" .

New Mileage in Kowloon New Store

2018 is a very important milestone since the establishment of The Top Zhuofeng Leather Care Specialist (hereinafter referred to as Zhuofeng). In July this year, the branch in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui was officially opened. On both sides of the new store, there is a large glass on the floor, and the leather care store that has been mysterious is presented to the public. The new store pattern has different general maintenance shops to give the feeling of artificial field. Several long strips are hung on the original color cement wall, and all kinds of leather care products are arranged neatly. Several elegant wooden glass cabinets are placed in the store, and the inside display is displayed. Some leather wallets, card pockets and mobile phone cases, as well as exquisite and luxurious shoes; bones of the store, such as a fashion boutique, I do not know the inside, it is difficult to guess this is a leather repair shop. A passing couple stopped at the store and stared into it. The TV screen looping next to the store door Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng was invited to share a piece of leather care experience on TV shows in recent years. "Ah! It turned out to be repairing leather goods. Next time we can take leather goods." Another man with a suit was passing, curiously said: "Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng? He is very famous. He finally saw a real person today." The new store is refreshing. The image shows people, Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng has ulterior motives. "The new generation does not know this industry, and there is no concept of leather care. It is a pity that it is discarded when it is worn out. I hope that the new store will be easier to get close to this trip and know what leather care is all about."

Adhere to the physical shop, focus on communication

Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng has been in the leather care industry for decades with his excellent craftsmanship, good reputation and positive evaluation. For a long time, some people have opened up branches and even franchises from time to time. Although in 2010, he finally entered the mainland market and opened in Shenzhen. Direct store, but Hong Kong is only one head office. "If I am not invited by Harbour City, I will not open a branch in Hong Kong." He explained that Harbour City is located in the heart of Kowloon's business and has convenient transportation and a large number of famous shops. From the customer's perspective, the store is conveniently located and has a stronger desire to visit. At the business level, geography and people flow are the way to success. "Our main store is located in Central. It is often suspected that the location of our store is not good. The new store is located in Kowloon, and it is hoped that it will be convenient for customers who live in or operate in Kowloon or the New Territories." Hong Kong shops are expensive and many small businesses are saving money. They have been going upstairs and have not even set up physical stores. However, Zhuofeng is going against the road. Not only is there no fear of the current downturn in the retail market, but the store is also in the most prosperous area of Hong Kong. "In recent years, some leather goods repair services have been launched in the market or delivered at the MTR station. I think this mode of operation is just a blink of an eye. It is not suitable for the characteristics of this industry. As a customer, why do you put value? Philip's handbag or beloved leather goods, handed over to a stranger who has never met and has no fixed place to work?"

He emphasized that this line of face-to-face communication is very important. "Sometimes I saw that the precious leather goods sent by customers were mildewed and bad, and my heart hurts. We provide more than just rehabilitation services and education." He likes to talk with customers. In the process, he not only understands their habits, but also teaches them. The proper method of maintenance care; in addition, the story behind the leather goods. "Today, the society is rich, even if it is a brand-name leather goods, how easy is it for many people to buy a new one? If someone still insists on using old or broken leather goods for repair, the leather goods are his beloved. It may also make sense. It is the value of this line to help people retain a love." In addition, the store is a guarantee of credibility. "Going to collect leather goods, you can't know whether the other party is doing repairs, or handing it over to others. There is no guarantee by hand, and there is no good, and there is no return after receiving the goods. I have no door to recover. I opened the store in Central. For decades, it is the most powerful guarantee of confidence."

Shenzhen school design

Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng is often on the verge of "he loves leather goods and has always been new." It is his business purpose and his experience. "Leather handbags are well maintained and can be kept for decades." He launched his own brand of leather cleaning and care kits to encourage the public to maintain their own leather goods. "The maintenance time is very simple. Everyone can do it. I only care that you will not take the time to do it." He shared that the leather goods will be waterproof, anti-fouling and mildew-proof after they are bought, and then cleaned regularly, even if it is unfortunately met with rain. In the wet weather or accidentally stained, the stains on the stains are easy to remove, and the leather will be more and more beautiful. "Leather care products are only tens to hundreds of dollars. A little bit of effort makes the beloved leather goods last forever. It is better to wait until the leather goods are ruptured, black and dull, and then they will be repaired. When it costs more, why bother?" "Pour your own rice?" "Business can't be done. In addition to refurbishing leather goods, I also have services such as dyeing, plating, and modification. Some people need my craft."

People who love leather are like the durable and evergreen nature of leather. Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng has worked with leather for many years and has realized the importance of craftsmanship. This year, he opened more than 10,000 leather training technical schools in Luohu, Shenzhen. On the one hand, he trained talents for the industry. On the one hand, he taught many years of valuable experience and craftsmanship and knowledge, saved more leather goods and continued the life of leather goods. It is not only for people to retain love, but also for environmental protection, it also helps to reduce waste and protect the earth. "The course lasts for one and a half months and covers basic leather knowledge, restoration and dyeing techniques. After graduation, you can set up your own company and even join our team or become a franchise franchise store." When it comes to future development, he is full of ink. ring. "The predecessors taught the road. This is not a lot of fighting stores. The most important thing is quality. At present, franchise stores have been launched in the Mainland and Southeast Asia. However, it is not expensive, and will carefully screen partners to ensure the quality of craftsmanship and service. Keep word of mouth credibility."


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