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As the saying goes, Hong Kong is a place full of legendary business opportunities. It is true that there is a leather master, Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng, in Central Hong Kong. He is unique in an inconspicuous small shop. Excellent craftsmanship, unique insights, and self-sufficiency from the original little craftsmen who are not valued, to the numerous industry leaders who have won numerous awards in recent years, it is not easy to get today's achievements. Faced with the fact that today's big consortiums are stationed, the business environment in which chain stores are born, Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng, who is known as the "one generation of masters", is able to stand out from the crowd with a street shop, without fear of challenge, both strength and intention, and can be described as a small craftsman. ,Great wisdom.

There are many old shops on Hong Kong Island. There is a leather shop called "Zhuo Feng" in a lane in Central. It has a leather shop called "Zhuo Feng". It has an area of just over 200, but every lunch time, there is always a row outside the store. With a long human dragon, many white-collar workers with their favorite leather goods require Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng to refurbish and repair. Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng said frankly that since its opening, it has accumulated more than 500,000 pieces of leather, and it has received an average of several minutes. The record is amazing. Its reputation has even attracted mainland, Macau and overseas customers to take leather products for repair. As the saying goes, "There is a natural fragrance." The well-known "Zhuofeng Leather Care and Maintenance Shop" has long been a target of the Hong Kong media. "

Experienced, pay attention to leather repair

Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng said that Hong Kong is one of the world's forerunners in the leather goods repair industry. It is mainly because Hong Kong people love brand-name leather goods. Since the 1990s, many luxury brands have entered Hong Kong, and the handbag repair industry has developed rapidly. Although Europe exports a number of well-known leather goods brands, Western consumers pay less attention to leather goods maintenance, while Hong Kong consumers pay more attention to leather repair. "Europe is a technology first, with more products and less maintenance, but Hong Kong has a lot of experience in maintenance. Many foreign customers wait until the bags are worn out, which brings repairs, and they think that leather goods are a bit old, but they don't like renovation. ."

He said that many old customers who have migrated overseas will return a large bag of shoes and handbags to him for repairs when they return to Hong Kong to visit relatives. Hong Kong people's affairs are about efficiency. The leather bags delivered by customers can be repaired in a few days. The finished products are completely in accordance with customer requirements. "The foreigner's shop is very early, and it is not determined by the customer how to repair it. It is decided by the store to help the customer. The delivery time is very slow, the store will wait until there is time to help you repair, Christmas is not expected to give you repairs. "

Rely on the real kung fu

In recent years, there have been many new large-scale leather repair shops in the market, which are advertised as clean and well-organized, and they are fascinating with gorgeous signs. Compared to the old store that has been in existence for more than 30 years, Zhuo Feng has only traces of the legacy, and it is not surprising that it is compared. Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng does not retain this. Even if the facade work is done in a position, the craftsmanship of the craftsman is always the most important. It insists on being praised by real kung fu. There are no shortage of experts or even brand-name shops to find him, and the craftsmanship is excellent. It goes without saying.

With many free travellers coming to Hong Kong to "shopping" luxury goods in recent years, Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng pointed out that many famous stores in Hong Kong have raised their retail prices in recent years, and the price of goods is higher than that of European stores. Until recently, mainland Chinese tourists began to transfer to Europe, the price increase of famous stores has eased, and the price increase has spread to Paris, Milan and other famous shops. Leather repairers should have an understanding of these price changes in order to be reasonably priced.

Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng stressed: "Many people misunderstand that leather repair is an emerging industry, just because the past people's livelihood is not good, repairing shoes and leather goods is just a gift of wealthy people, not familiar to the public. With the popularity of leather goods, guests are willing Spending money on repairing old leather and maintaining leather goods with commemorative value, the market demand is increasing, and each font size will be shipped, leading to this misunderstanding." Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng is not strange to the doubts in the workshop, and always has a master style.

Expected to return 50 orders

After all, Zhuofeng has the most extensive experience. Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng said with a smile that it is dangerous to be organic, and there is competition to make progress. It is gratifying to the popularity of the industry. It seems to be repairing leather goods made of patent leather, electroplated metal buckles, etc. There are still many repair shops asking guests to eat closed doors. There is no relevant technical treatment, and they are dwarfed. Zhuo Feng is famous for any "difficulty and miscellaneous diseases". Out of Zhuofeng's craftsmanship and intention, the key to success is the difference between the first line.

"A comprehensive leather repair shop should be customer-oriented, so I will do my best to meet their requirements. When I look back at the repair orders that I have no way to start, I will pick them up first and promise to the guests, even if If you have to work hard, you have to work out a solution to the cherished feelings of the guests." Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng said that for him, many maintenance and care work has only been done by hand. What is down is experience, strength and credibility. Can other new brands and masters step into the sky?

Environmental pioneer Pioneering hand dyeing renovation

Follow the teacher Lin Shaoqiang to the United Kingdom, France and Italy for technical exchanges, to understand the use of different leather care products, to bring the technology of foreign leather craftsmen back to Asia. Among them, the whole hand dyeing and refurbishing technology is the most amazing, the leather goods are like the new ones, and the worn leather goods will be revived as long as they are through the great work of Zhuofeng.

"In order to make every detail of leather goods perfect, we try to repair it without destroying the leather, but we rely on the machine, and insist that the leather products are naturally dried after refurbishment to ensure the leather is not damaged." Zheng Zhuofeng The doctor pointed out that leather, just like human skin, does not need to be repaired when it comes to people. It should be treated like a newborn baby from the beginning. This is a misunderstanding of many people's leather repair. The so-called prevention is better than treatment, and the leather products are treated. Also.

Brand effect and cooperation with Japanese businessmen

Zhuo Feng has always been admired for the perseverance and perseverance of leather repairing care. Even the Japanese brand leather care product manufacturer "Columbus", which has a history of nearly 100% in the Japanese market, has been watching Zhongzhuofeng. The professionalism and fame of the brand became the first brand outside the Japanese region to authorize its products. It is evident that Zheng Zhuofeng’s craftsmanship is deeply impressed by the Japanese who have always been rigorously demanding.

"In fact, the best way to maintain leather is to take care. For example, applying a protective film to the handbag has become a waterproof, anti-fouling and more durable function." Zheng Zhuofeng said that in addition to renovating and repairing the guests, it is also very encouraging to encourage the guests to be at home from time to time. The leather goods are cleaned and cared for, and the handbags and leather products that are loved are always new.

The popularity of "Zhuo Feng" has attracted many people in recent years to negotiate and open franchise chain stores, but they have been rejected one by one. Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng emphasized that leather goods maintenance attaches great importance to manual work. Once the owner of a franchise store is not good at hand, it will affect the reputation of other branches.

Although the workload of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen branch is high, Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng still insists on personal management to ensure the quality of service. "When a friend saw that my shop was doing a good job, I borrowed money to open a similar store. As a result, I couldn’t get enough money. I started my business in less than five months. In the final analysis, he didn’t take care of the store and left the work. Employees do it and do other things on their own. Being a boss must be clear about the size of the store, and doing this business is the key to success."

Overcoming cultural differences, entering the mainland market

Hong Kong's leather repair and care industry has always been in a leading position in the Asian region. As the representative of the industry, Zhuo Feng has a long way to go. He has been stationed in the mainland for development in the early years. However, due to the cultural differences between the two places, the business concept is very different, and it is difficult. However, Dr Cheng Chung-fung is still hoping to instill more knowledge of leather care to the public to promote the development of the industry and to benefit more leather.

He said: "The mainland guests only knew that they could clean leather goods. They don't know what dyeing is. Some people think that dyeing and renovating will make the real thing become a fake. It is not easy to accept this practice. This is not the case. The other two places. People's interpretation of refurbishment is different. Mainland guests will misunderstand the replacement of new leather goods, while Hong Kong people refer to the complementary color and repair of worn leather goods." Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng is convinced that as long as he starts from the heart, he will certainly be infected. The cherished leather, this is his hope for the future.


With a positive and hard work spirit, a pair of skillful and decadent magical, Dr. Zheng Zhuofeng rides the wind and waves, and even achieves a legend among many brands in Hong Kong. So far, he has regained more than 500,000 pieces of new leather. The "Zhuofeng Leather Care and Maintenance Shop", which was founded by him, has become a gold lacquer brand. After many years of business, he has finally worked hard and won numerous awards at various awards. Ingenious, who can think of a small craftsman who repairs people, can also create immortal legends in the spirit of entrepreneurs.

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