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In the century of materialism, buying things is not only to cope with daily needs, but sometimes to satisfy vanity. For example, leather goods, especially brand-name, many people are eager to buy new ones, and they are happy. However, as the years passed and the trend changed, when the leather goods were depreciated, the freshness was greatly reduced, and they were no longer favored. Some were eventually abandoned in the corner of the closet, and some were buried in the landfill. Zheng Zhuofeng, who has been engaged in leather care for 34 years, is a pity for the leather goods to be greedy. "Every piece of leather has a story. It may be a gift from a certain person. It may be bought by hard money. It may also be a relic left by a loved one. The leather goods are loaded with emotions. If they are lost or lost, they will be gone." For many years, he used a pair of hands to help people save their feelings and retain memories. "Love the leather, long-lasting new" is his philosophy.

Focus can do well

In June last year, the "Zhuofeng Leather Care Specialist", which stood in the 25th year of Queen's Road Central, was relocated. Due to the reconstruction of the building where the shop was located, Zheng Zhuofeng was forced to move to one of the units in the opposite building. "In recent years, many small shops in Hong Kong have lost their expensive rents. When they graduated, they want to stay in the upstairs shop. But the floor shop and the upstairs shop are not the same. There is no flow of living guests. I have been operating for many years. Many people know that some old customers even try to return to me, and the business is not much different."

Looking back at the photos of the relocation of the day, he was a little touched. After all, the small shop that was not enough to witness his career and the peak. "From the beginning of my own business, I started to make a name for myself, and I was promoted by famous shops. In the 1990s, about 90% of the shops recommended me to customers. Today, there are still many regular customers who introduce friends." Don't go through the old shop, the new shop opens. The old rain new knowledge sent blessings, dozens of flower cards, filled with building entrances and exits, scenes and markets, business to a new milestone. In recent years, this line has changed, and even second-hand shops and laundries have also been engaged in leather care. "Although in business, we provide customers with more services and more ways to make money, but they are not good enough to do well. I have been working hard for many years, and I have come to me for trust. "

Leather care and maintenance has evolved into a profession in the eyes of the public by an inconspicuous craft. Zheng Zhuofeng can be said to be behind the scenes. Over the years, he has gained recognition through his exquisite craftsmanship; he has been selling advertisements in major media, attracting the attention of the public and becoming a good story. The publicity made him more people know and made people interested in this trip, so in recent years, more and more leather repair shops have opened. The industry has developed and the craftsmanship has been valued. He is happy to see it, but some people see him selling advertisements, thinking that it is easy to make money in this line. As a result, the inferior stores are getting more and more, causing consumers to suffer losses. He sighs. "This line can't make quick money, it's necessary to focus on it." Some of the first-time employees have less business, so they play tricks, such as providing delivery services and making publicity on the Internet. He criticizes that it is the way to go. "The delivery service is not in place, because many customers come to the store, the purpose is to have a direct dialogue with me, I want to hear how to repair his leather goods, and learn a little more about the maintenance of leather goods. In the process of talking, not only promoted a single Business, more human communication." He stressed that this line sells craftsmanship, strength and experience, selling advertisements for publicity, he only chooses physical magazines and newspapers, and online advertisements will not be considered. "Frankly speaking, my customers are older and mature, and their experiences make them feel emotional and cherish the old people and things. The virtual online world is difficult to distinguish, some new stores, facebook is more than 10,000 likes, among them True and false, everyone will judge for themselves."

Young people by word of mouth

During the visit, customers came to the door and put down the brand-name leather leather bag and asked for renovation. When Zheng Zhuofeng quoted, they mostly left with a quick pay and did not have many questions and inquiries. "Many of them are regular customers, and they have been helping for many years. Because they think that I am hand-made, I trust me very much." He revealed that the customer base is mainly a group of people over 40 years old. "When they were young, they loved to fight with people and bought a lot of brand-name leather bags and leather garments. Now they are older and have a changed mindset. Instead, they like nostalgia, so they send old leather goods for renovation."

As for the younger generation of customers, mainly relying on word of mouth, introduced by friends and know Zheng Zhuofeng, Kelly is one of them. On this day, she brought a brand-name handbag, and asked Zheng Zhuofeng to help with the renovation. "I have heard of Zhuofeng before, and I have seen someone write it on Facebook, but I thought it was expensive, so I didn't even call the phone." Later she went to another leather repair shop and waited for almost 1 month. Only pick up the goods, but the manual effect is not obvious, not very satisfied. After the introduction of a friend, she finally found Zheng Zhuofeng. "Because it is a brand-name handbag, it is worth a lot of money. I will worry about taking it for repair and giving it a bag. The leather repair shop that I used to help is like a workshop. The store is old and unreliable."

She said that the old clothes would be discarded, but the leather bags were expensive because they were expensive. They were left in the cabinet and they were somehow wasteful. "Since knowing Zhuofeng, the old leather bag can be changed in color in addition to the renovation. The effect is like buying a new one." Zheng Zhuofeng taught her some tips on skin care, so that her beloved leather bag will remain for a long time. Best state.

Leather care experience

The world trend focuses on health, eating light, and doing exercise to maintain health and beauty. Zheng Zhuofeng said that leather goods are like human skin and must be cleaned regularly to protect them in order to maintain good condition.


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