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"One Belt, One Road" needs to pay attention to "the people are connected"

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced that China has signed mutual recognition agreements for academic degrees with 46 countries and regions. Among them, there are 24 mutual recognitions between the countries along the “Belt and Road” and China, and China is expected to cooperate with Cyprus during the year. Countries such as South Africa have realized mutual recognition of academic degrees. At the same time, the Ministry of Education focused on organizing national and regional studies, and published a total of 141 research topics, 70 of which involved 46 countries along the “Belt and Road”. In order to cooperate with the construction of the “Belt and Road”, the Ministry of Education has also implemented the “Silk Road” study abroad promotion plan. In 2016, a total of 226 national research talents were selected to go to 34 countries, and nearly 1,000 non-general language talents were selected to study abroad. . While cooperating with the “Belt and Road” education to “go global”, China is also actively developing the “Study in China” brand. Through the establishment of the Excellence Scholarship Program, it will train young elites and future leaders in developing countries to establish the “Silk Road” Chinese government. The scholarship program provides an additional total of no less than 3,000 scholarships to the countries along the route each year. The Belt and Road education cooperation involves not only the national level, but also the provinces and municipalities actively participating. Nearly half of China's provinces are about to participate. The series of measures taken by the Ministry of Education are actually in line with the implementation of the “Belt and Road” strategy. As far as possible, we will train more experts from all countries along the Belt and Road, and also cultivate more “China Connect” for countries along the route. This will help to achieve the "people's heart".

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China's diplomacy has been forging ahead, making great efforts, constantly issuing Chinese voices, advocating China's ideas, and proposing China's programs. Among a series of new initiatives, the “Belt and Road” has undoubtedly attracted people's attention. “One Belt and One Road” is a major systematic project involving five areas of policy communication, facility connectivity, trade smoothness, capital finance, and people's heart. It is highly economic, political, geopolitical, and cultural. It is critical to China's strategic ability. important. In the five-way project, the first four items mainly involve the level of artifacts, while the common people are mainly related to interpersonal communication, the most complicated and the slowest.

As the saying goes, the country’s friendship lies with the people, and the people’s love comes from the heart. The “Belt and Road” countries are complex and socially diverse, and there is no doubt that the “Belt and Road” has a negligible impact. The relationship between the country and China along the Belt and Road Initiative is mixed, and some countries still have the "China threat theory." This may have a negative effect on the implementation of the “Belt and Road” construction, and will have an impact on the support and docking of the “Belt and Road” construction along the route. Due to differences in interests, religious differences, cultural diversity, etc., some countries are skeptical about the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative, and the government and the people and China have a problem of trust deficit, which brings uncertainty to the strategic mobilization and strategic support of the Belt and Road Initiative. Sexuality also increases the cost of cooperation between the Belt and Road. It is also sufficient to explain the importance of the people's heart to the construction of the Belt and Road.

The construction of the “Belt and Road” requires not only the input of capital, technology, resources, but also emotional input. In order to ensure the continued good development of the Belt and Road, it is necessary to strengthen the geographical sentiments between countries along the line and China. Geo-emotion refers to cognitive attitudes between different regions, similar to geo-civilization, but relative to geo-civilization, it is also influenced by political, religious, economic and other factors, thus forming an emotional overall attitude. Countries along the Belt and Road Initiative have different sentiments to China, and there is a clear geographical sentiment temperature difference, which affects the recognition and closeness of neighboring countries to China. "One Belt and One Road" regards "people's hearts and minds" as an important goal, inherits and promotes the spirit of friendly cooperation between the Silk Road, and can carry out extensive cultural exchanges, academic exchanges, talent exchanges and cooperation, media cooperation, youth and women's exchanges, volunteer services, etc. To lay a solid foundation for public opinion in deepening bilateral and multilateral cooperation, which is very conducive to narrowing the geo-emotion, enhancing China's appeal, affinity and cohesiveness to neighboring countries, strengthening geo-emotional cultivation, and becoming a strong binder of the “Belt and Road”.

"People's heart is connected" requires patience, and it often takes a long time to accumulate to achieve a smooth and silent effect. In order to promote the "people's hearts and minds", tourism and various cultural exchange activities are at most a fast food culture, and the shallow feelings of the flowers and flowers can be realized, and education and talent training can achieve deep understanding and plan for long-term plans. These measures launched by the Ministry of Education of China are conducive to cultivating China's grounding gas experts in the countries along the Belt and Road, and can also deepen the reality of the Belt and Road people's hearts and do it. The Belt and Road Initiative is an unprecedented systematic project and an important starting point for connecting the "Chinese Dream" and the "World Dream". It helps to strengthen the consensus and emotional foundation of the interests of the human destiny community. For the construction of the Belt and Road, interconnection is the core, and the communication between the people is the key. In order to promote the commonweal of the people, talent cultivation is the key point, so the Belt and Road Initiative must not only have engineering project cooperation, but also talent project cooperation. It is said that the ten-year-old trees and the centuries-old tree people have passed on the training of talents. The cooperation between China and the countries along the line will be endless.

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