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Carelessly smeared the designer handbag? Keep in mind that these 18 leather care tips won't be too heartbreaking!

The "senior sense" sometimes does not lie in how expensive the costumes are, but whether the details are exquisite and tidy. Therefore, no matter whether your handbag is a common item or a famous brand, it is only cherished to take care of it. In addition, many people regard brand-name handbags as an investment. If you want to resell them at a good price in the future, make sure that they are as clean as new. But using the wrong method, it will be worse than the consequences of no maintenance at any time. If you don't want to regret it, come and learn the basic leather care skills with Handbag Clinic!

The refinement of the repair technology is not as important as the care from the beginning. After buying a new handbag, clean the surface every two or three months, but remember to use a good quality leather care cream. This step must not be overlooked because proper protection prevents contamination, grease, and prevents problems. Even if you are very afraid of trouble, you should at least wipe with a wet wipe, but it is best to clean it regularly with special supplies to keep the bag in the best condition. Follow the specific steps below to make your bag last forever:

1. Wipe the bag with warm soapy water

If your handbag is commonly used, mix it with warm water once a week with a small amount of soapy water and wipe off the dirt on the bag with a soft, damp cloth.

2. Wipe along the leather texture

This is done to avoid hurting the leather.

3. Use a suitable cleaner

Do not use baby wipes, vinegar or any "home magic" to remove stains, as these products contain chemicals that may cause the leather to fade, dry, and even leave unsightly marks.

4. Immediately clean ink smudges

It is absolutely the most painful thing to draw a leather bag. The best way is to seek professional help as soon as possible. If not, try using leather-removed items and follow the care instructions.

5. Don't force the decontamination

If the smudge has a certain history, never attempt to clear it yourself. You should go to an experienced expert to solve it.

6. Maintain shape with filler

When storing the bag, you should insert an appropriate amount of filler to support the shape of the bag.

7. Do not use water to clean grease

The bag is stained with oil and should not be removed with water because it can easily damage the leather.

8. Dealing with stubborn stains with special cleaners

Some creamy detergents are applied directly to the skin, which can clean up the stubborn stains. Although it may be more expensive, it is also worthy of being used.

9. Pay attention to materials before cleaning

If your bag is made of different materials such as velvet, leather, metal, etc., you should carefully select the appropriate cleaning products. For example, a general leather cleaner does not work for the stain on the suede.

10. Local test before use

Before using a new cleaning product, take an unobtrusive position test to make sure it does not ruin the entire handbag.

11. Do not use your hand cream to get your handbag.

The hands of the hand cream are sticky, it is not advisable to touch the leather directly, unless you really want to leave oil on the handbag.

12. Use a dust bag

When you buy a handbag, it will be attached with a dust bag. Don't throw it away because it is very practical to keep the bag clean. Even if you don't have a dust bag, use at least one old pillowcase to wrap it.

13. Don't let the sun shine directly

Keep your handles hidden and do not let the sun shine directly to prevent the leather from fading.

14. Pay attention to the color of the dress

If you are wearing a light-colored leather bag, try not to wear dark clothes. Because the dye of the clothes may fade, it is difficult to remove the dye on the leather.

15. Clean the stain with shoe polish

In the unlikely event that there is no way to solve the smudges, you can also try the shoe polish that is similar in color to the leather and gently wipe it in a small area.

16. Use the right way to drive

If the handbag has an unpleasant odor, deodorants can be used, but deodorant sprays should not be used as they may damage the leather.

17. Deodorize with baking powder

If you really have a lingering smell, you can pour some baking powder into the open container, carefully put it in the bag, and then put the bag in the dust bag for 24 hours, so that the baking powder absorbs the smell.

18. Do not use saddle soap

Saddle Soap is a very famous leather cleaning product, but it is too strong for a leather bag and can easily fade it.

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