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Hong Kong "Leather and Leather Doctor": More than 500,000 pieces of leather goods "returned to life"

Hong Kong News Network, November 13th According to the China News Service, Hong Kong "skins and famous doctors": more than 500,000 pieces of leather goods "returned to life"

"The handbags, wallets, etc. that the customers have handed over to me for repairs may be meaningful to them, so I have a sense of mission. I have to repair them carefully so that the guests can not only continue to use their beloved Leather goods can also make the memories behind the leather goods last forever in the minds of the guests."

In the middle of Hong Kong, where high-rise buildings and famous shops are located, there is a leather goods repair shop hidden in the alleys for 20 years. The founder Zheng Zhuofeng silently uses his own hands every day to “save” more than 500,000 famous brands for many years. Leather goods, so that many of the ruined, quickly abandoned leather goods, get a chance to "rebirth."

The small shop is located in a small alley called "Zhaolong Street". It does not seem to have luxurious decoration, but stepping into the store just confirms the sentence of the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi's "Dang Shi Ming", "Shu is a dim room, but Wu Dexin", guest The brand-name shoes, handbags, etc. that were sent for repair were all around the store. Zheng Zhuofeng, standing on the desk, was holding a black handbag with a blank appearance on his left hand. He applied black leather plaster on his right hand and rubbed it into his handbag. On the surface, after a few minutes of smashing, the entire surface of the handbag has been evenly applied with a skin cream, and the gloss is first seen. As for the inner bag and each worn corner, Zheng Zhuofeng will also carefully check and gently apply the skin cream.

Zheng Zhuofeng explained the benefits of his first hand-dyed dyeing. "The dye can be completely infiltrated into the leather. The dyeing effect is meticulous and long-lasting. The leather grain can still be seen after being painted. However, many repair shops in the workshop will paint with paint. Although convenient, it will Covering the skin, it is also easy to crack when folding leather, and the texture of the leather will be lost when you look up."

"Whether it is a million yuan (Hong Kong dollars, the same below), or tens of thousands of yuan, every one will be treated seriously." Zheng Zhuofeng put a layer of brightener on the surface of this tens of thousands of handbags, and then put it on the rack. -- The original decolorized and dull handbags have been completely renewed, and they have escaped the abandoned fate. "After adding the fixative, the renovation can be completed within 1 day."

“I advocate natural drying, not like the dryers in other stores, which can make the softness of leather more natural. Secondly, reduce the use of machines and save electricity.” Zheng Zhuofeng said half of it, a woman with good temperament With a golden brand-name silver bag, I came to the store to find Zheng Zhuofeng, handed him a silver bag and asked him to "see and ask."

“Why did you have a lot of black marks soon?” the woman asked doubtfully. Zheng Zhuofeng took the wallet and looked at it. He began to point out the maze: The metal color silver bag itself is not durable. It will turn black when used several times. When used, the hand should be very clean. The hand sweat will keep the print, but it will be easy to discolor. Wrap up after use, can't be scraped by hard objects...

The lady nodded from time to time, listening to Zheng Zhuofeng’s explanation humbly, and then asked, “If you want to hand over the silver bag to you, hand-dye gold, or dye other more bearable colors, how much does it cost?” Zheng Zhuofeng replied in one breath: “1000 yuan, But I don't think it's necessary for a while. You can use it for a while. If the situation is worse, consider repairing."

After listening to Zheng Zhuofeng’s endless answer, the woman took the above class and showed her satisfaction with the silver bag she left. The reporter asked Cheng Zhuofeng curiously. After he explained the money to the woman, he pushed down the business and did not earn it. Is it a pity?

"Unfortunately!" Zheng Zhuofeng said with a smile, business is accumulating over time, can not be anxious to do, to tell the truth to the guests, and like to teach the guests to maintain their own leather, as the doctor teaches people to care, is part of the maintenance work, I will have a sense of satisfaction.

Zheng Zhuofeng, a 19-year-old who was a trainee in the leather repairing profession, liked to do manual work. He had made leather goods in middle school. After he graduated from the fifth grade, he saw newspapers. When he saw someone wanting to hire an apprentice, he was very interested. Finally, the application was officially successful. Entering the bank, this small shop was opened more than 10 years later.

However, the store did not establish word of mouth at first, the business was bleak, and Zheng Zhuofeng’s career fell into a low tide. “At that time, the daily business volume was 100 yuan, but the monthly rent was more than 60,000 yuan, and the monthly losses were also reduced. The landlord even asked for a bailout to seal up, relying on savings and borrowing to tide over the difficulties."

Many friends and family around me advised Zheng Zhuofeng not to give up, but he firmly believes that in the future, he will definitely not give up. As always, he will focus on maintenance, double frugality, and try to publicize. After two years, the store has begun to be favored by customers. Into the good situation.

In the mid-1990s, the number of famous brand stores in Central increased, and foreign famous brands rose. Zheng Zhuofeng’s craftsmanship received the attention of these famous stores. “I initially gave us some simple work and tried it. After passing the test, it would be more difficult to try again, such as unpacking handbags. Assembly parts, etc., gradually build their confidence. Ultimately, when they are appointed to their designated repairers."

In the past 20 years, Zheng Zhuofeng said frankly that the leather goods repair industry is not an industry that makes big money, but his biggest achievement is that he has helped many guests to regain the memories of “lightheartedness and affection” over the years, and indirectly promoted the environmental protection atmosphere, explaining to the guests that leather goods can be Reuse the truth, so never tired, never tired.

"There was an old man in his 80s who took two nearly crocodile crocodile purses and went to the store to look for repairs, but he did not fall out of the inside. I simply sewed and repaired the appearance for the wallet. The old man came back to see the gratitude. Under the question, the wallet was originally given to him by his wife during his lifetime, and he spent more than 40 years, full of affection."

Zheng Zhuofeng, who was moved by the old man, shared that there are many similar stories. The protagonist may be replaced by a daughter, husband, etc. Every time I hear these stories, I am very touched. "Hong Kong people are very human, most people will not Feel free to waste, the essence is very good."

Many people may still have the impression that the leather repairer is still at a low level of culture and dirty hands. Zheng Zhuofeng is neat and tidy. Whenever he has time, he cleans his hands immediately. He also received an honorary doctorate in business administration from the University of Atlanta.

Zheng Zhuofeng carefully cleaned his fingers with a wet tissue, and carefully analyzed, "Guests don't like a dirty person to touch their beloved handbags. When they are free, they also watch trend magazines, visit nearby stores, and keep the trend. Only to communicate with the guests."

The leather repair master is now over 50 years old, but he insists on working for more than 10 hours every day. He is worried about the pain in his wrist. However, he has no plans to leave the store to his son at the university. Instead, he hopes that his son, like himself, can be determined to be independent and fight his own sky in Hong Kong.

"Simple things are repeated, that is, professional; if you repeat things, you will win." For more than 30 years, Zheng Zhuofeng has been convinced.

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